Dying doesn't work 9 to 5

So, why do support services?

The problem

Imagine it's 3am and you are trying to care for a loved one who is dying. They are in severe pain. They can’t breathe properly. And you don’t know what medicines to give them. It’s scary and distressing for you and for them.

We’ve found that there are huge gaps in dedicated and immediately available 24/7 expert advice, emotional support and co-ordination for people who are dying and their carers. Only 8% of local health services provide a comprehensive package of 24/7 support which includes a specialist helpline and coordination service. We need to change this so that support is available no matter where you live or what time of day.

Without this, people are being left isolated and fearful, not knowing which way to turn when they are faced with the most distressing situation.

The solution

For people who choose to die in their own home, having access to an expert who knows them and knows their medical history makes a huge difference to them and their family. A 24 hour helpline is a lifeline to someone who is in a frightening situation in the middle of the night.

Round the clock support means that you can access advice and quickly gain peace of mind. Not feeling alone can also stop unnecessary trips to the hospital.