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Don't write me off

According to a recent parliamentary question, the Scottish Government does not know how many people in Scotland have a condition affecting their brain or nervous system. This means they don’t know where people with neurological conditions including brain injuries, multiple sclerosis, Huntington’s disease and motor neurone disease live, or what services are available for them.

This lack of information is having a profound impact on people’s lives:

  • Without specialist neurological care services, young adults are living in older peoples' care homes.
  • With no-one to co-ordinate services, people with these life-changing conditions face the impossible task of trying to co-ordinate their own care.
  • Without commitment to meeting the current clinical standards, there’s no guarantee of support from the health and social care system.

It’s enough to make people with neurological conditions in Scotland feel like they have been written off.

Join our campaign

We’re campaigning for MSPs and Scottish Parliament candidates to rewrite the future for people with neurological conditions in Scotland by pledging to:

Join up services by giving everyone with a neurological condition support to navigate the complex health and social care system by, for example, giving everyone the right to a named specialist nurse.
Provide dedicated neurological care services
- whether someone lives at home or in residential care - delivered by specialists who understand these complex conditions, ensuring nobody aged under 65 has to live in an older people’s nursing home.
Re-write the standards for neurological care so they place people who use health and social care services at their heart, and commit to meeting the new standards.
This will ensure people can live life as fully as possible.

If you're a registered voter in Scotland, please ask your local candidates in May's Scottish Parliament elections to pledge their support for our campaign.

Rewrite the Future of neurological care