Don't write me off

Rewrite the Future

We want the Scottish Government to give people with neurological conditions the care and support they need.

Let's change neurological care in Scotland

We want everyone with a neurological condition in Scotland to receive incredible care. Yet this care is often patchy, uncoordinated and difficult to find: it is enough to make people with neurological conditions feel like they have been written off.

That’s why we asked candidates standing in last year's Scottish Parliament elections to pledge their support to Rewrite the Future for people with neurological conditions. And with the support of people across Scotland, our campaign worked: 20 of our elected MSPs signed that pledge.

Our plans for 2017

Now we are carrying out research to see what progress has been made in improving the much-needed care for people with neurological conditions, and we are going to launch our findings in autumn 2017.

In the meantime, please read the following report into the provision of specialist care and support that we published as part of our Rewrite the Future campaign in 2016.

We will continue to do all we can to build on this and improve care for people with neurological conditions in Scotland. We’ll keep you posted.

The provision of health and social care services for people with neurological conditions in Scotland

Read our report