Our research

Why do we need research?

Research plays an essential role in the discovery and implementation of the best possible, evidence-based care for our own patients and service users, and for those in the wider palliative and neurological care environments.

Through research we review and challenge current practice, and continue to ask the vital question 'Are we doing the best we can?' The discoveries that are made through research lead to advances and improvements in treatments, therapies and approaches to care.

Research at Sue Ryder

As an established and respected provider of excellence in palliative and neurological care, Sue Ryder is well placed to adopt a key position in the national research community, supporting and influencing the development of palliative and neurological care research, and its translation into improved clinical practice.

Sue Ryder has engaged in important clinical research for many years. Studies have ranged from small-scale academic projects by Masters students to national commercial clinical drug trials.

Within Sue Ryder, we are working together to nurture an inclusive research culture. Our goal is to foster curiosity, and turn this curiosity into innovative and progressive practice by engaging our staff, volunteers, service users, their families and carers in research and making participation the norm.

Research at Sue Ryder is supported and governed by a dedicated Research Governance Group (RGG). The RGG meets quarterly to discuss, review and approve existing and potential research projects, and to produce, develop and maintain robust research governance documents, polices, strategies and processes.

Our Research Lead acts as a first point of contact for research within and without the organisation and coordinates and develops research within Sue Ryder.

Our current research projects

Our current and recent research activity is rich and varied.

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Our past projects and their impact

Are you a professional involved in research?

Meaningful clinical and social research is reliant upon mutually supportive research partnerships, collaborations, and the sharing of resources and expertise. With this is mind, we are keen to establish productive research relationships with our valued colleagues in the NHS; academic institutions; fellow charities, hospices and providers of palliative and neurological care; research delivery organisations; and the life science industry.

We are pro-actively seeking to increase our studies portfolio and would be delighted to hear from those interested in working with us.


For all research inquiries, please contact:

Amunpreet Boyal, Research Lead

Call: 07816 644 076

Email: Amunpreet.Boyal@sueryder.org