spiritual care

Spiritual care

When we care about someones wellbeing, we care for more than just their physical wellbeing. Spiritual care is one part of the many ways we can help. Our spiritual care is for everyone, regardless of religious belief or faith.

In times of illness, we know that people find themselves asking more questions about life. People ask “why me?” and they wonder what the future will hold in times of unexpected and unwelcome change. Time can be spent in deep thought, focusing on hopes and fears, as well as trying to understand the changes that are happening in their life. That's where we come in.

We have an in house spiritual support service as part of our professional team and they are there to support people, their family and their carers regardless of faith or belief.

They can help by being:
  • a listening ear to all of someones concerns
  • there to help with issues that arise from serious illness
  • able to address any religious needs someone may have
  • able to put someone in contact with a representative from another faith or view