Sue Ryder care services

Care services

We provide incredible hospice and neurological care. We help people and their family through very tough periods in their life.

Case studies
Sue Ryder provides incredible care for people with life-limiting illness. Whether it’s bringing comfort to someone’s final days or enabling them to make the most of their life, we are here for them and those important to them.

We treat everyone in our care as an individual, taking the time to see the person, not the condition. We enable people to live the life they want, and do everything we can to ensure their time with us is the best it can be.
We do this in our hospices, neurological care centres, in the community and in people’s own homes.

Our aim is to make a difference to people’s lives and to support people to:
  • decide how they are cared for and supported
  • achieve their preferred place of care
  • feel safe and secure
  • stay as well as they can
  • be treated as an individual
  • have control over how they live
  • increase their wellbeing