Why PVP?

Why we work with prisoners

Ex-offenders are 13 times more likely to be unemployed than the rest of the population. And while it is well documented that employment is critical to the prevention of re-offending, the fact remains that only 36% of all people leaving prison go on to any form of education, training or work.

Sue Ryder’s pioneering Prison Volunteer Programme addresses this issue head-on, preparing offenders for paid work on release from prison while also providing the opportunity for them to give something back to the community. So far 80.6% of our participants have reported that they learned new skills which they believed would improve their long-term job prospects.

To date, we have offered paid employment to 5% of all people who have accessed the scheme.

“It's meant that when I get released I’ll be has prepared for getting back into the community."

Key facts:
  • we have placed over 2,000 prisoners as volunteers in our offices and shops since launching PVP in 2006
  • around 400 prisoners volunteer with Sue Ryder every year
  • we have 150 volunteers on this scheme at any one time volunteering across 118 locations
  • preventing one person from re-offending can save the tax-payer up to £45,000 a year


Our volunteers share their PVP experiences