Lin, Iris and Joan's story

"We may be retired but putting our feet up is not an option."

In 2014, Lin, Iris and Joan each celebrated 20 years of volunteering at Sue Ryder's Petworth shop.

The Shop Manager and Debbie Stokes, Assistant Manager, organised a tea party for the ladies at a tea shop in Petersfield as a 'thank you' for the time and commitment they have given over the years.

The trio were all presented with certificates, cards and flowers from the team.

Lin Phillips, 65

Lin was working part-time when she saw a sign advertising for volunteer support. Lin generously found a spare morning to help out in the shop. 20 years later, Lin is still a regular member of the team and also continues to work part-time at the local library. Lin has helped out in the shop in many ways, enjoying many roles over the years, but now concentrates on steaming clothes - helping the items look their best, ready for placement on the shop floor. 

Iris Sadler, 76

Iris joined Sue Ryder to meet new people. She had recently lost her husband and viewed the care he had received from Macmillan nurses as amazing. Iris wanted to "give something back", and felt that the services offered by Sue Ryder matched the quality she and her husband had experienced.

Over the years, Iris has put her hand to various roles in the shop, but now particularly enjoys the sorting and pricing of the children's toys and clothes. Iris is one of the few still with the charity lucky enough to have met Lady Ryder - Sue Ryder often popped into our charity shops and it just happened to be Iris' volunteer day when Sue Ryder was in Petworth.

Iris sees volunteering as a way to stay connected and involved. "I really enjoy my work, and the company. While I'm still active, I'm always willing to help. You get to meet a lot of new people and it's very satisfying knowing you are helping a good cause. I love feeling very much part of a team."

Joan Fines, 94

Joan joined Sue Ryder after retiring as she still wanted an activity to keep her going. Joan enjoys operating the till and always serves with a smile. Her regular volunteer shift is on Thursday mornings, but every day, regardless of the weather, she walks from her house to the shop to see if there are any errands that she can help with.

On retirement, Joan says: "I get great satisfaction in helping people in need. I don't feel retired and I always like to help. Putting my feet up is not an option." Joan added that she feels "Sue Ryder is an excellent place to work, it's very rewarding, and all the staff are friendly. As I'm on the till, I get to meet new people and old friends - if I was at home I wouldn't see these people.”

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