Jake's story

"A fun and educational experience"

Jake, was at school when he first came to volunteer at Sue Ryder Leckhampton Court Hospice in September 2010. He wanted to gain experience of working with patients in a hospice setting as he was hoping to apply to university to study medicine. Jake successfully secured a place to read medicine at Bristol University.

“Leckhampton Court Hospice is local to Cheltenham and a family link. And I hoped to gain experience in a medical setting and to build my confidence when speaking to patients and visitors [through volunteering].”
During his time volunteering Jake gained experience in various areas, including “meeting and greeting patients and their families, reception duties, day hospice sessions and recreational groups including music (playing saxophone) and art”, playing a key role in the everyday activities and running of the hospice time alongside staff and other volunteers.

"It has helped me grow as a person"

The experience of volunteering within the hospice was a positive one for Jake who says he “loved speaking to the patients, hearing their stories, listening to their life experiences - it has helped me to grow as a person. I realised how Sue Ryder's activities can really make a difference to people's lives.”

When asked if he would  recommend volunteering with Sue Ryder to others there was no doubt in his answer: “Yes. It’s really rewarding and has been important for my future studies and career path in medicine. I’ve really enjoyed it. It was really good fun and the staff were a great support to me. It makes you think about what you’ve got and to make the most of it. Working with the patients is great fun as well!

"Obviously, it helped me with my medical application to university, but also helped me to learn to talk and relate to people who are living with an illness and the people who are caring for them.”

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