Team of the Year – Highly Commended

Retail Area 9553 – North and West Norfolk

This amazing team started off the 2016 financial year understaffed with 11 vacancies to fill, but emerged on top in terms of profit – higher than any other Sue Ryder area.

They have faced many changes and the work has been really challenging at times, with lots of vacancies to fill and then lots of new staff to train, but area 9553 pulled together and helped each other out. They shared ideas, stock and staff so that all stores across the area could make as much money as possible to fund the incredible care that Sue Ryder provides, while saving on costs.

Area 9553 have proven that all their staff work within the Sue Ryder values and beliefs. They faced enormous pressure, staff vacancies, changing roles and a difficult retail market, but they faced this together as one big team.

The team regularly support other shops to fill vacancies, pass on best practice and continually communicate with one other – both up to senior management and down to the shop floor.

The attitude of area 9553 is upbeat, positive and they have the knack of really thinking outside the box to increase sales and save on costs. They are an incredible team: open and honest, with Sue Ryder firmly in their hearts, and fully deserving of this recognition.