Special Recognition for an Outstanding Contribution to Sue Ryder – Highly Commended

Rachel Breadner

Rachel is always cheerful and has a fabulous rapport with all the Prestwick shop customers and other volunteers. She is very funny and makes everyone laugh with her banter.

She makes new volunteers feel welcome and comfortable very quickly, which creates a great working atmosphere, and offers to work extra days when she knows there’s a shortage of volunteers or we have a big workload. For instance, she recently worked until 8.30pm on the last stock-take and she’s also happy to take part in fundraising events, which involve extended hours and hard physical work setting up and packing away the gazebos and stock.

Rachel is efficient and very proactive, and managers wouldn’t think twice about leaving her in charge of the shop. Her talents as a window dresser are amazing; most items from her windows sell out within the first day and the shop often gets phone calls from people that have noticed them whilst driving past. She creates a lot of props for her exciting windows at home and is so enthusiastic about creating displays that make Sue Ryder stand out from the many other charity shops in Prestwick.

We would have no hesitation in offering her a job if a paid position was available because she is a huge asset to our shop and Sue Ryder.