Most Effective Use of Resources – Winner

Paul Bowers

Paul has volunteered at the Headingley shop in Oxford since its opening in June 2012.

During that time, he has grown the vinyl department from a couple of shelves to five bays and an online Discogs department. Paul is solely responsible for sorting and pricing not only all the vinyl that comes to the shop, but to the whole area, and in 2016 Headingley’s vinyl department alone took £20,465, which is a colossal amount!

Paul has also overcome a difficult time after dislocating his hip earlier in the year. Despite this setback, he was back at work as soon as he possibly could be and even made sure to give us detailed instructions from his hospital bed to ensure the department didn't suffer while he was ill! 

Paul is constantly trying to think of new ways we can promote and sell the vinyl, and has been integral to the setting up of an online Discogs store, enabling us to sell really rare and high-value items. Paul has made an outstanding contribution to Sue Ryder and really deserves this award.