Overcoming Obstacles – Winner

Gareth Shepard

Gareth has showed amazing strength and courage.

He survived a motorcycle accident, but three days after it happened suffered a stroke and was subsequently given a 3% chance of survival. Gareth was in a coma for eight months and, upon coming out of it, has had to learn to walk and talk and do everything all over again.

Gareth came to Sue Ryder’s Lordshill store in Southampton to volunteer because he wants to be able to work again. Even though he walks with a cane and has a hard time talking and writing, he has become an asset to the Lordshill team. He helps us deliver retail outcomes by coming in three times a week to sort, hang and tag stock.

He shows resilience every day by not letting his disability get in the way of anything he wants to do. He deserves recognition for having such a positive attitude and outlook on life.