Unsung Hero – Highly Commended

Beverley Sharrock

Newly recruited volunteer and day service user Beverly is absolutely amazing, and a truly valued member of our “Sue Ryder family” at Cuerden.

She is an ambassador for our cause, spreading the Sue Ryder message internally at our inductions and insight days, as well as in the local community. She is the brightest character you’ll ever meet with a heart of gold, forever trying to give something back to the charity that supports her and her family.

She has the best sense of humour, joking that when she “books in for respite, the staff book their holidays!” When she’s not joking around, she’s looking after people, helping a resident with a drink or cheering someone up. She always looks out for the other residents – regardless of what she is experiencing with her own neurological condition.

As well as supporting the team as an ambassador, she has recently joined as a volunteer conversation starter (although she thinks her badge should state “gobby cow”!). The idea behind the conversation starter role was hers, in that she wanted to promote the residents’ independence and being able to think for themselves, distancing everyone from the stereotype of care centre residents being ‘institutionalised’. So far it has been well-received, and she feels there is progress as the residents have begun opening up and reminiscing. Her methods for doing this are through a game called ‘Table Talk’; she takes the lead in holding the sessions to encourage communication.

Bev is ever-focussed on the individuals we support here, and will do anything she can to help. She also fundraises in various ways, whilst also supporting other charities. She will come up with wacky ways to raise money and, where possible, implement them herself. For instance, she recently dressed up in the strangest combination of props and costumes and held a witty caption competition.

She brings prizes for raffles, hampers, even bulk-buying toiletries throughout the year for all 36 residents that live at Cuerdan Hall. She puts money away on Morrisons Saver stamps all year, and gives us a lump sum for the residents’ Christmas Party, as well as donating any money she receives for Christmas and her birthday (which is also in December) for the residents.

In addition to her passion for the residents, she is forever singing the praises of the staff at Cuerden. She was instrumental in shaping a staff recognition event last year in May, called the OSCARS (Outstanding Care and Support Awards Residents’ selection). She helped create the categories, from Bonniest Lass through to Most Infectious Laugh. Unfortunately, she was unable to make the evening celebration due to her husband booking them a holiday (she still hasn’t forgiven him!), but she made a fabulous appearance via video, and shaped its success.

We are so grateful for everything Bev brings to Cuerden; she is undoubtedly the most selfless person we’ve ever met and we love her to bits.