Team Spirit - Winner

Synergy Cafe -The Stables

Since opening in March 2011, the Synergy Cafe at The Stables has offered people living with dementia an opportunity to socialise, participate in enjoyable activities and receive information, education and practical support in a friendly environment.

The volunteer team has steadily built up the number of members to over 100 and developed a strong support network so that there is always someone that a member can call upon, who understands and who is prepared to listen without judgement or prejudice.

The team has become a strong unit, drawing upon the vast experience of dementia that they have, either professionally or personally - this enables them to support each other and the cafe members through good times, and the inevitable difficult times too.

Members determine the activities they would like and the team then set about turning wishes into actions - they have organised theatre trips, short holidays, meals out and visits to local attractions.

Synergy at The Stables relies on the volunteer team to keep attendees engaged, entertained and invigorated - through the team's skill and expertise, many new challenges are overcome, with a 'can do' attitude, strong team spirit and above all, good humour.