Overcoming Obstacles - Highly Commended

Marilyn Teague

Marilyn is one of those volunteers who just shine - full of life, energy and passion for Sue Ryder and the team at Ross-on-Wye. Her customer service and selling skills run alongside her wicked laugh, and her positivity just oozes out of her.

Behind all this is a lady that has had her share of problems. Two years ago at the volunteer Christmas dinner, Marilyn became seriously ill, and for a while it was not clear that she would make it. But Marilyn pulled through and returned to volunteer at the shop as well as supporting her son in his busy laundry business, from 6am till 6pm.

Marilyn is the shop’s training buddy, making sure that new volunteers benefit from expertise of a volunteer who not only know what she is doing but also has a positive outlook on Sue Ryder.

Sadly, Marilyn recently lost her son to cancer, aged just 46. After the funeral, Marilyn spotted the shop’s managers, came over with that amazing smile, and said “'I will be back! I need you, and I need the shop”.

It was very difficult for Marilyn to return, but her strength seemed to grow from that first day back. At the shop she felt safe, and she was back doing what she loves. The shop team are committed to supporting their volunteers, and they feel that Marilyn is a very strong, dignified woman who is the heart and soul of what we are all about.