Volunteer Manager - Highly Commended

Diane Oliffe

Volunteer Diane Green nominated shop manager Diane Oliffe at the Bletchley Branch because she works incredibly hard and always tries her best to keep the volunteer staff happy.

Nominator Diane submitted a poem, adding that it was “Dedicated to the staff at Sue Ryder Bletchley. Thank you, for giving me back my confidence & purpose after suffering my brain Injury”. Diane's poem is shown below.


Sue Ryder

Sue Ryder Charity,
In the High Street Bletchley,
Give them your donation,
Whatever your vocation,
Helping people in the Community,
Suffering with Neurology,
Help for People sitting at home,
Feeling totally Alone,
Sue Ryder staff hold out their hand,
Who try to understand,
They try to give some care,
Show empathy for all to share,
A charity cut above the rest,
Hoping to be the best,
Staff at the heart of the store,
Wanting to assist ill or poor,
Next time you walk by,
Give Sue Ryder shop a try,
Knowing your money assists people in Need,
And you are doing a good Deed,
Thank you from the Charity,
Sat next door to Lloyds TSB,
Sue Ryder Charity.