Volunteer Manager - Winner

Abbey Brown

The Volunteer Staff would like to nominate Rochester manageress Abbey. Abbey worked in retail prior to starting as assistant manager 3 years ago. After 8 months she was successful in her application for the post of manager.

Abbey has shown her ability in strategic thinking and commercial acumen, growing the profit margin every month. She takes part in the everyday working of the business, and does not confine herself to the back office.

She is prepared to listen to ideas from the team, often adding her own thoughts for raising funds and increasing donations through activities organised in school holidays and at weekends.

The shop window is dressed attractively and the interior is kept very clean. Her work ethic is clear and she asks that all volunteers act professionally. She encourages all members of the team to learn the range of aspects involved in running the business, and provides training to those wanting to become a keyholder volunteer.

The people doing their community service have said how friendly and inclusive Abbey is, and she is always polite to the customers and ready to have a laugh.