Team Spirit - Winner

Cuerden Hall Activities Support Team

  • Ted Nickson
  • Michael Johnson
  • Geraldine Woodruff

Ted and Michael are an absolute nightmare once they get together. They're noisy, disruptive, and Cuerden Hall's Activities Department descends into complete chaos as soon as Ted walks through the door and shouts "Good morning Angels!"

This terrible/tremendous trio make up a team that the residents of Cuerden Hall absolutely adore. Every Friday they join us, and wreak havoc, starting with a good catch-up and a good brew (if Michael's made it - Ted's leave a lot to be desired - he'll tell you the same himself!).

Then they tend to see what the residents want to do and get them involved in whatever activity that may be - laughing and joking all the while. They help with dinners, assisting residents with their lunches, clearing up, and more often than not providing entertainment throughout.

The afternoon then continues with word searches and a quiz that one of the team has prepared prior, and each of them helps a group of residents to join in. We tend to carry on with the laughs - though the jokes get progressively worse - and most of the residents give an obligatory laugh and an eye-roll when they think no-one's watching!

All joking aside, the three of them are marvellous additions to our volunteering team, and we're very lucky to have them. They're patient, considerate, organised, and so eager to help in any way that they can. They bring light and life to any dull Friday - it's a testament to them when each individual leaves the room with a smile on their face and a cheek-ache from laughing too much, and when you can hear a faint voice say: "Thanks for a lovely day - same time next week."