Overcoming Obstacles - Winner

Katie Smedmor

Katy was born with spina bifida and is a wheelchair user.

She has been a volunteer with for us for over 2 years, having started working one morning a week tagging in the sort room. She was extremely shy and very quiet when she first started, but as she started to come out of her shell, we convinced her to try out working on the till.

Katy now works 4 full days a week and runs the till single-handed. She hardly ever makes any mistakes and trains all newcomers on the till.

The only way to describe her is an absolute superstar.

She is so passionate about her role and is so proud when we have a good day of sales, as she really wants the shop to do well. Customers adore her and are disappointed if they come in on her day off.

Katy doesn't let any obstacles get her in way. She will 'wheel' donations from the till to the sort room and never asks for help. In fact we have to stop her trying to balance furniture on her lap!

We never believed that the shy, quiet girl that started with us could turn into this dynamic team member. It's very humbling and a great pleasure working with Katy, as she is a true inspiration to us all.