Outstanding Contribution- Highly Commended

Caroline Bleackley

Caroline has demonstrated exceptional dedication and service to Sue Ryder over more than 35 years. She was there at the start of the Nettlebed Hospice sales, and has raised significant funds for the charity.

She currently runs the bedding department of the sales, and twice a week sorts through donations in addition to running her section department on sale day. She will take goods to be cleaned often at her own expense, take items home to wash and arrange volunteers to assist her with the sales on sale days. She has enabled others to volunteer, which has in many cases helped them with their own lives, providing a structure and sense of purpose.

Caroline is an accomplished artist and uses these skills to identify donated goods that may be of high value, and takes them to be valued and auctioned.

She doesn't let ill health deter her from her role as a volunteer, and she cares for her mother and carries all this out with dedication and good humour.

She's scrupulously honest and expects that in others, and isn't afraid to stand up for what she feels is right, challenging others when necessary. She uses networks for the benefit of others and is a mine of information on local affairs.

Caroline is one of life's unsung heroes. She always puts others before herself and works tirelessly for the causes she believes in.