Volunteer Manager - Highly Commended

Carmella Miller

Carmella began her journey with Sue Ryder as volunteer in October 2007 both at The Chantry, but also whilst at uni as a volunteer fundraiser in our London office.

Over the years, her experience and knowledge has grown, particularly in the field of Dementia, in April 2013, she became a facilitator for four new community Synergy Dementia Cafes, spread across Suffolk.

In May of this year, Carmella took on the challenge of becoming the Lead Facilitator for all 11 Synergy Cafes in the Community, with a team of facilitators and assistants working for her. The new team-members are home-based and therefore need to be managed remotely.

Recently, Carmella took on the temporary role of Lead for the Suffolk Dementia Helpline. In this role, in addition to providing some cover for daytime sessions herself, Carmella oversees the rota for volunteers, particularly those who work from home in the evenings. An 'on-call' rota is also produced, so that if a volunteer has any concerns that they wish to discuss after taking a call, then there's someone available for them to talk to.

All of the volunteer teams that are managed by this exceptional young woman feel well-supported and speak very warmly of her. She makes time for every individual and maintains a professional relationship, ensuring that they all feel valued and fulfilled.