Volunteer Manager - Winner

Barry Peel

Known affectionately as our very own Del Boy, Uncle Barry, Basil,and Lord Barrington, Barry Peel has been working at Sue Ryder Wheatfields Hospice for over 17 years, first as the lottery Manager and then for the past 12 years as Sales Manager.

Barry manages a dedicated team of over 80 volunteers, who under his leadership run wheatfields  twice weekly sales, a local Ebay account and bi annual auctions. Since Barry took over this role 12 years ago , almost £1.5 million has been raised. Where he lacks skills in the general  computer use, phones and modern technology, he makes up for in encouraging people to give up their own time for free to come and work with him.

Sue Ryder Wheatfields Hospice is always kept at the centre of everything Barry does. He puts in more overtime than anyone I know, goes the extra mile to ensure that his team of volunteers always feel valued and appreciated, and by doing so sets a great example of doing the right thing.

Knowing his whole team by name and making them laugh is only a small part of what makes his relationship with them so special, and they seem to respond well to his unique no nonsense and, at times, sarcastic approach!

He takes time to listen and act on their thoughts and opinions of how to change and improve things, and understands their motivations for wanting to volunteer. Above all, Barry gives people a sense of belonging to somewhere and being a part of something worthwhile.

Barry is an extremely hard-working and supportive member of the team Worked hard together to ensure volunteers at the hospice gain a better understanding of Sue Ryder and a appreciation of why the work that they do is so important to us.

Barry has seen many changes throughout his time with Sue Ryder and although at times it has been a difficult journey, he has remained positive about the future and is considered one of the most dedicated members of staff.