An extension of our family

Sue Whitehead, Morrisons Clifton Community Champion

Sue Ryder give their all at the time when a person needs care the most

I’ve worked at Morrisons for 22 years and been the Community Champion for Morrisons in Clifton for eight years. It’s a role I love and means that I can help support our local community and charity partner Sue Ryder. Since our partnership with Sue Ryder began in 2014, our customers and colleagues in Clifton have raised £7,000.

I first heard about Sue Ryder in 1991 when my sister-in-law developed cancer of her ovaries and liver. She was cared for by the Sue Ryder hospice based there, which used to be at Staunton Harold in Leicestershire. They supported her throughout the two years before we lost her and her partner, too.

"Sue Ryder showed us nothing but love... they were like an extension of our family"

Sue Ryder’s care was exceptional and made her last years as worthwhile as possible. As a family, they showed us nothing but love and support to the extent that they were like an extension of our family.

I love fundraising for Sue Ryder and giving something back. Every event is different - like today, for example, when I'm dressing up as a cartoon wolf to collect donations! I know customers will love it and colleagues seem to enjoy my wacky ideas!

Morrisons colleagues: keep up the amazing work

We only have four months left of our charity partnership and it does mean a lot to me. All I can say to my colleagues is keep up the amazing work as every penny counts. The men and women who work for Sue Ryder are selfless; they give their all at the time when a person needs care the most. And, at the end, they make it as painless as possible for their loved ones, too.

To watch someone die is one of the hardest things I've ever done and these people do it day after day. They do become close to you and feel your pain. What truly fantastic charity. And, from me and my family, we can't thank you enough.

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