Changing lives

The difference you can make

Thanks to a generous donation from The Sir Jules Thorn Trust, a major £235,000 IT and communication platform is enabling residents in our neurological centres access to information technology.

"A common symptom of Huntington's disease is difficulty with speech. Sometimes I need to spell things out so that I can get people to understand what I’m saying. Having access to this equipment enables me to communicate with people much more easily.

"I use the smartnav sensor controlled mouse to use the computer. The sensor is placed in a baseball cap and I use my head to control it.

"It's great to be able to use the internet. It means that I can keep up to date with the football results and I can keep an eye on how my team - Aberdeen FC - are doing in the league."

Keith (38) has Huntington’s disease. He lives at Sue Ryder – Aberdeen.