Planning and publicity

Top tips for planning and publicity

Choose an activity you enjoy and others will want to get involved in - fundraising should be fun.

Set a target so you know what you are trying to achieve, and so that everyone else can help you get there! Set a budget too, so you can make sure you are raising more than it costs you.

Check the calendar before you choose the date: unless you’re making the most of a special date in the calendar, make sure your event doesn’t clash with a major sporting event, or a national day, such as Mother’s Day.

Take a little time to plan to make it a success. How much time will you need to make this happen? Who can help you in advance or on the day? Your goal is for everything to run smoothly, and for you to have a great time.

Think like a Dragon in the Den and consider how to raise the most money. Aim to raise three times more than you spend. Keep costs low by asking for discounted or donated goods and services from local businesses, or find a sponsor.

Tell everyone what you’re doing
and why. This could be with flyers and posters, on social media, or why not change your email signature to shout about what you’re doing? Local media are always on the lookout for stories, so tell them yours. We can advise you on contacting the media, and can share our press release templates.