While watching the Rio Olympics, Ben Ponting and Mark Scurr were inspired to sign up for the London to Brighton Bike Ride and raise money for a charity close to both their hearts. This is their story, as told by Ben.

"Having found bikes to borrow and bought all the gear - but not ridden a mile since our teenage years - we knew that cycling the 54-mile journey was going to be tough.

"This was made tougher still by it being the hottest day day of the year, plus the fact that the route to Brighton was in fact an optical illusion... Despite cycling down to the coast and sea level, we seemed to be eternally cycling up hill!"

What kept us going

"Thankfully the spirit of the ride, cheers of sporadic supporters (some washing us down with hose pipes), encouraging comments of all who sponsored us and, above all, the memory of our loved ones kept us going.

"Eventually, after seven hours of hard riding, self-doubt, rock-solid calves, and with sweat dripping from every pore, we approached the Brighton Marina and rode to the finish sporting the biggest smiles you’ve ever seen. We’d conquered our biggest challenge yet, and couldn’t be more proud of what we’d overcome, and the money we’d raised for Sue Ryder."

"We hope we did you proud, Sue Ryder"

"Nothing will ever repay Sue Ryder for the incredible care they’d given my Mum, Lynda, and Mark’s Nan Betty during their last few weeks with us, and for the support they provided us and our families.

"But we hope our little bit will help in any way it can, and just hope that more people will raise money for this incredible charity, so that more and more people can benefit like we, and our deeply missed loved ones, did.

"We hope we did you proud, Sue Ryder, as I know my Mum will having looking down on us prouder than ever."

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