Yorkshire Women of Achievement: FAQs

Who can I nominate?

Women who are nominated should have a Yorkshire connection. They could have been born, or lived in Yorkshire, or made an impact on the region in some way. They should stand out as a role model and be an inspiration to other women.

When will shortlisting take place?

All nominees will be informed that they have been nominated for an award and have been entered into our shortlisting process.

Nominations close on 16th March 2017 and our shortlisting process will take place on thr week beginning 19th March 2017.  There will be five people shortlisted in each award category. All nominees will be informed if they have made it through to the shortlist or not.

What are the nomination categories and criteria?

Please check out the Nominations categories page.

How can I make my nomination?

Use the online form on the Nominations form page, or - if you'd prefer - download a .pdf version and email it to wheatfields.fundraising@sueryder.org or post it to the Wheatfields Hospice address.

I'm having trouble writing my supporting statement... Any advice?

If you’re struggling to put into words your supporting statement (reason for nominating them), try thinking about these questions:

  • What is your nominee’s main role or achievement?
  • How has she achieved this?
  • What challenges has she overcome along the way?
  • If your nominee stopped doing what they do, how would this affect the people around them?
  • What are the three key attributes that describe your nominee?

We ask that you write a maximum of 1,000 words so that we can get a good understanding of what your nominee has achieved. However, due to the number of nominations we receive, if the word count is higher than this, we will have to ask you to shorten it.

We operate a background-checking process and all shortlisted nominations are dependent upon passing this. Once this process is complete, the shortlisted nominees will be contacted to inform them that they have been shortlisted for their respective award. We will contact the supporting referees for confidential statements as part of the background-checking process.

Who can provide my supporting references?

You must provide the details of two independent (non-family) people who endorse this nomination. Please include their relationship to the nominee and their contact details so that we can contact them directly.

You must ensure that you have ticked the boxes provided as this confirms that your referees are aware they are supporting the nomination.

I have a question that doesn't appear here! Who should I contact?

Please email us at wheatfields.fundraising@sueryder.org or call 0113 2033 338.

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