More info!

What to bring

  • Your walker number. You need your walker numberto register on the night, and it also has the phone number to call in case of emergency on the back, so it’s really important that you bring this along.
  • One of the items enclosed in this pack is a dedication sign for you to wear on the night. If you are walking in memory of someone special or celebrating the life of someone close to you, you can customise this so that they are remembered on the evening with your own personalised message.
  • At the end of this pack you will find a detachable pledge form. Please remember to fill this out with the amount you have raised and bring it along on the night. This will help us to tot up what the event has raised.
  • Make sure that you have a comfortable pair of shoes like trainers or walking boots, and don’t wear new shoes.
  • Bring wet weather gear and wrap up warm - it might not be winter but it can get chilly after dark! But please wear your Starlight Hike T-shirt as your top layer so that our marshals can look out for you and provide appropriate support should you need it.
  • Try and bring a torch. The route will be well lit and the marshals will be along the route, but you may still find a torch will help light the way even more.
  • Bring a mobile phone – please use the mobile number you provided on your entry form (or let us know if it has changed) should we need to contact you or your emergency contact on the night.
  • We will provide refreshments at various stages and there will also be refreshments available before you set off, but it’s an idea to bring a bottle of water with you to make sure you are well hydrated throughout.

When you get there

  • When you arrive you will be asked to register according to your walker number.
  • Once you’ve registered the night is yours, with various activities to get involved in, and star spangled bits to buy - so make sure you bring some change along!
  • Share your experiences on the night - we’d love as many of our walkers as possible to be posting on their Facebook page and tweeting about the event to their friends and family. Use the hashtag #StarlightHike.
  • Just before you set off you’ll be energised with a warm up. We ask that you join in as it really will help to avoid any strains and injuries on the way.

The walk

  • Once you set off there will be marshals along theway telling you which way to go. There is also a map included in this pack which you can bring along should you wish.
  • We need to make sure everyone is safe out on the walk. If you want to go home early or cannot complete the walk for any reason, please tell one of our marshals or call the number on the back of your walker number sign.
  • Our marshals will be there to assist you out on the route, but please be aware that the roads are open. Please make sure you walk safely on the paths and take extra care when crossing the roads. Finally and most importantly, remember to have fun!