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  • Date: 18 September 2016
  • Location: Oxenhope Community Centre, Haworth

Thanks to all who participated in the Bronte MTB Challenge last Sunday, sponsored by All Terrain Cycles.

Despite a few wrong turns, the feedback about the new routes has been excellent and there were some superb performances on the day.

This year's winners and runners up

In the brand new Heathcliff 36.4-mile ride, Nathan Judge was first home in a time of 3 hours and 2 minutes, with Stuart Rider runner up. First lady was Gemma Towell who took just over four hours.

For the 28.2-mile Charlotte ride, Lewis Haworth crossed the finish line (sponsored by Colin Appleyard) in a time of  2 hours 24 minutes and 25 seconds, Tim Small was just 2 seconds behind him and first lady Sally Ozanne was only another 10 minutes behind him.

The 22.7-mile Emily route had been made slightly shorter but much more tough this year, and Stephen Fox-Warden was the first home in a time of 2 hours 45 minutes. Paul Hoyle - despite following a sign that some joker had turned around! - finished second. Sarah Mcbrinn was first lady home in a time of just over 3 hours and 35 minutes.

For the 15.1-mile Anne route, Mark Holloway and Andy Smith came home together in just under 1 hour and 40 minutes. The first ladies also finished in formation with Kimberley Jackson and Irene Schwela coming home in a time of 2 hours and 9 minutes.

Full results and photos

Results for all routes have now been posted and, as always, there will be a couple of mistakes, so if you spot one please inform Andrew Wood by email before Sunday 25th September.

Download the full results (.pdf)

Our friends at Sportsunday have also got some great photos that you can view and purchase at sportsunday.co.uk.

A huge thank you

I am sure that you will all want to join us in thanking our volunteer stewards who helped out on the day, including a small team from Sky. Overall, it looks like the event will bring in almost £9,000 towards continuing our vital care in the local area, so thank you all for your support.

Looking ahead to 2017: following its success back in June, the Three Dales MTB Challenge is set to return next year. Check out our cycling section for more information.

About the Bronte Mountain Bike Challenge 2016

The Bronte Mountain Bike Challenge, sponsored by All Terrain Cycles, is a popular event with routes suitable for all standards of mountain bike and cyclo-cross rider.

2016 was the12th Bronte Mountain Bike Challenge, and in September 2015 a record number of over 350 participants took part. All entry fees went straight towards supporting Sue Ryder care in the local area, and while there is no obligation to raise funds through sponsorship, those who raise £50 or more were entered into a prize draw to win a mystery bike-related prize from our sponsors at All Terrain Cycles.

New for 2016 were some changes to the Charlotte, Emily and Anne rides, and the launch of our new Big Ride, Heathcliff!

The routes

Three of our four routes, Charlotte, Emily and Anne, take their names from the three Bronte Sisters who lived in Haworth and were inspired in their writing by the stunning and challenging landscape that the routes navigate. The fourth, 'Heathcliff' is our long new ride that takes its name from the character in Emily Bronte's Wuthering heights.  


Heathcliff is the wild and tortured hero and that is just what you will be if you can manage this 36.3 mile challenge. This route encompasses the Charlotte route plus an additional 8.7 mile loop at the end which takes in the steep incline of Hill House Edge Lane, some more of the Calder Aire Link and great hill top tracks around Thorton Moor Reservoir. A total of over 4700 cumulative climb.  View the route.


A 26.7 mile challenge route - mainly following route used in previous years but with an additional stretch in Hardcastle Crags and a new finish stretch into Oxenhope . Riders tackle the notorious 'stairs' and goes over the moors to Widdop, towards Worsthorne and back via a relatively new section of the Pennine Bridleway and then back to the start point following the Calder Aire link. View the route.


A major revamp of this route which results in 0.4 miles less distance but a higher proportion of the route is now off road. . The route goes over the moor to Walshaw hamlett then back along the Calder Aire link to Oxenhope before taking up some more of the Calder Aire link and great hill top tracks around Thorton Moor Reservoir . It is a challenging mix of tracks, trails and minor roads, but not as intense as the Charlotte or Heathcliff. View the route.


A completely new route from previous years, taking on a good stretch of the route of the harder rides. The Anne has a tough start up onto the moors and then down into Hardcastle Craggs and Walshaw hamlet before heading back for the finish along the Calder Aire link. Suitable for relative beginners and families with some biking experience, but there are a few sections which are tricky and may need to be walked, under 11’s must be accompanied by an adult. View the route.

All routes started and finished at Oxenhope Recreation Ground, and the start/finish area was sponsored by Colin Appleyard. All participants received a medal and a well earned complementary hot meal at the finish.


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