The journey

We can’t change the outcome, but we can change the journey

At Sue Ryder, we know the difference between care and incredible care comes down to one simple thing: time. Taking the time to get to know the individual means we can make sure their journey with us is better. 

When Norman and his daughter Hannah arrived at Sue Ryder, they were at breaking point. Norman had incurable lung cancer. He didn’t want to be in hospital, and Hannah was frustrated by the treatment he was receiving there:

The nurses were so busy and just didn’t seem to have time for him. I felt really frustrated, I know they look after a lot of patients, but as you can imagine, to me my Dad meant the world.” - Hannah

The sad fact is that while nearly all of us wouldn’t want to, over 60% of us will die in a hospital. At Sue Ryder, we’d love to care for even more people but it already costs us £38m a year to run our care centres and we need extra support if we want to do more. 

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Taking the time

At Sue Ryder, the patient to nurse ratio is much lower than in a hospital and we have thousands of dedicated volunteers on the wards. This means we have time to develop relationships with our patients, and get to know them and their families. 

[Sue Ryder is] a place where staff really care about doing everything possible to help patients manage their symptoms and find some rest; a place where nurses take the time to talk to you if they see you are distressed or upset; a place where my Dad was genuinely cared for and looked after." - Hannah

We take a holistic approach, caring for the whole person and everything that’s important to them; allowing for a dignified death that is comfortable and surrounded by the people they love. But all of this takes time. 

Every year we support over 16,000 patients like Norman, and their families. With your support, this year we can help even more. 

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