Funeral collections

Many people choose to ask for donations to Sue Ryder instead of flowers at a loved one’s funeral. Funeral directors are usually happy to arrange this at your request.

We can also send collection boxes or donation envelopes which your family and friends can complete, helping us make the most of your donations with Gift Aid.

You can order donation envelopes and collection boxes by emailing the In Memory Giving Team or calling them on 02075 545 964. You can also arrange this by contacting your local fundraising team.

Please send any memorial donations made by cheque to your local team, or to:

Sue Ryder
First Floor, 16 Upper Woburn Place

Please do let us know the name of the person you are remembering, whether you would like the funds to go to a specific hospice, and if there is anyone we should keep updated with the total we've received.

Collect funeral donations online

Create an online giving page to collect funeral donations in memory of your loved one.

Fast and easy to set up, your page can be personalised with pictures and photos, and your friends and family can leave messages alongside their donation.

Collect funeral donations online – set up your page now.