End of life care is often a story of chance. It should be one of choice.

At Sue Ryder, we believe that you should continue to be able to make choices about your care right until the end. Here, we have the time and expertise to ensure patients are looked after and given the freedom to live their life however they choose, whether that is for a matter of days or a number of years. 

The doctors and nurses gave her the confidence not to be frightened

Yvonne was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in September 2012. After making the brave decision not to have treatment, she was left feeling unsupported and alone at the most terrifying time in her life. Yvonne and her daughter, Clare, simply did not know where to turn.  

Initially Mum, like most of us, had wanted to die at home, but she was a realist. She didn’t want to die in pain, or in soulless hospital bed, or in a place she didn’t know. “ Clare Sherriff, daughter of patient Yvonne

Luckily, Yvonne and Clare had a Sue Ryder Hospice in their area. Yvonne was deteriorating quickly and we were soon able to take her under our care. And after a traumatic overnight stay in hospital, and staggered at the quality of care she received at Sue Ryder, Yvonne decided that she would like to spend her final days there. It was a place where she felt safe, for the first time since her diagnosis. 

Yvonne died, with great dignity, at a Sue Ryder Hospice on 19th December 2012, having been nursed in a way she simply thought did not exist in the world today.

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While we were able to help Yvonne, we still need to do more. We all have the right to spend our final days how and where we choose. Right now, we simply aren’t able to reach as many people as we need to. Today, I’m asking for your support to help us offer more for people who want to stay at home in their final days; more day services and more care in the community. 

Together we can bridge the gap 

Sadly, most of us will be affected by incurable illness at some point. Like Clare, it may be that you’ve experienced our care in the past. And we need your support now if we are going to be able to meet the growing need for our services in the future. Please support our vital work with a donation today. Thank you.  

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