Heather's story

Heather Taylor from Dyce, Aberdeen who lives with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and uses a wheelchair was finding it increasingly difficult to care for herself at home. She was receiving home help that came to her flat twice a day but it wasn’t enough and she admits it was tough and lonely getting by.

Home from home

Heather's social worker put her in touch with Dee View and so she went to have a look at their supported living service. Heather remembers: "It was difficult living at home. When I came here to have a look I fell in love with it. Coming here you get all the help you need, I am not in one room, I have a whole house, I can go out and socialise when I want."

“It’s brilliant having the chance to socialise again. Living at home I couldn’t go to church as there was no one to take me. But now I am able to go every Sunday and the church service comes into the centre each Wednesday.

“I can live how I want here. I still have a choice and have more independence.

“The personal care here is more dignified than it was living at home. I don’t have to wait for a carer or for someone to come and help, it’s planned around my needs and I’m in control. I see the same staff everyday which is great as I can build a friendship with them.”

Regained independence

"I try to think positively. I love the fact that I have more independence now and feel part of the community.

“Living at Dee View has made it easier for me to keep in touch with my family. The carers help me to phone my Dad and Skype my daughter and granddaughter every week. I couldn’t do this before because my tremors were so bad I couldn’t hold the phone on my own. My family enjoy coming to see me and we can have quality time, the door is always open here.

“My grandson was born recently. When I found out, the carer took me to the shops to get a card so I had it ready for when they came to visit. If I had been at home I wouldn’t have been able to do this. It means a lot to my family as well to see me being able to hand over a card and a present; it means I have my own independence.”


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