FAQs: Our plans for building better futures

Why are you extending Dee View Court?

Dee View Court sets the standard on care for people with neurological conditions in Scotland. And as demand continues to grow across the country, we desperately need to expand. Our waiting list is always full, and is a list of 15 people that never gets any shorter. We want to create a bigger care centre for people that need us: a place where they can receive the care they need and deserve to live their lives as fully as possible.

What will the extension look like?

The extension will allow us the flexibility to care for an additional 20 people. This will consist of 14 new ensuite bedrooms, and 6 supported living apartments. There will be three elements to the extension: a double-story building connected to the existing building with a link corridor; an annexe; and the reconfiguration of rooms within the existing building into bedrooms.

Soon you'll be able to watch our flythrough or visit our image gallery to see how the building will look on completion.

When will you start the expansion work?

The building work is due to begin in spring 2018, with the breaking of the ground and initial excavation works on the existing site to prepare for the extension. The next phase of the project will be erecting the double story extension, connected by a link corridor. All building works are due for completion in spring 2019.

How many people benefit from the services at Sue Ryder Dee View Court currently and how many will benefit after the expansion is complete?

We currently provide facilities for up to 24 residents at any one time at Sue Ryder Dee View Court. Following the expansion we will be able to offer room for up to 44 people in total – nearly double.

How will the extension benefit the wider community?

By creating additional supported living apartments, we will be able to provide ongoing support for a larger number of people in the community. The apartments are geared towards the rehabilitation of those with neurological conditions who are able to live more independently but still need close access to care. We also currently have two outreach services to help and support people in the local community and aim to expand these services once the centre is complete.

How can I support the appeal?

There are so many ways that you can help us build better futures and help give more people in the Aberdeen community the support they need and deserve. Help us reach our goal and be part of an incredible project.

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