Family and bereavement support

Our social workers can make sure loved ones and carers receive emotional, practical and financial support, and put them in touch with other services that can help too.

Our bereavement support workers help families and friends emotionally in coming to terms with a diagnosis or the loss of a loved one.

About our New Horizons Café

Wheatfields Hospice provides a pre and post-bereavement service to anyone who has lost someone who has stayed at the hospice or been visited at home by our Community Clinical Nurse specialists.

The New Horizons Café provides support for people ahed 50 or under who have lost a partner and who may have children to look after.

We understand that grieving is a painful experience and everyone reacts to it in different ways. This tailored service provides people with the help they need to make sense of what’s happening in their life, and is a place where they can talk openly about how they feel and their daily struggle to adjust to being a single parent. Children of the widows are also invited to come along to prevent additional pressure for these parents in finding childcare.

According to our family support team: "Support groups, like the New Horizons Café, provide an opportunity to share stories openly and guilt-free. They can talk about coping day-to-day as well as managing the most difficult of days. Coming together brings about a sense of strength and hope for the future."

Read how the group helps Rebecca and her daughter Sylvie cope with their loss

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