FAQs about St John's Hospice

St John's FAQs

How can I be referred?

We treat adults aged 18 and over, living in north and mid Bedfordshire, or the Huntingdon and St Neots area of Cambridgeshire. Referrals for both inpatient or outpatient care are made by health care professionals involved in the patient’s care.

This type of referral gives us a comprehensive picture of the medical background of each patient, and what treatments have been tried prior to admission.

Aren’t hospices all about death, doom and gloom?

Many people mistakenly believe that hospices only deal with people who are dying, but in fact about 50% of the patients admitted to St John’s will be discharged after a few days, feeling a whole lot better. It is true that some people do choose hospices as the place they would like to be cared for at the end of their life, and this is often because the standard of care is so good that they feel safe, secure and supported. They also know that the hospice staff will support their families at this difficult time, and that there will be support through their bereavement. Visitors often remark on what a positive, happy atmosphere they feel when they enter the doors of St John’s and that it feels completely unlike a hospital but more of a ‘home from home’.

What are the visiting times?

There are no restrictions on the number of visitors, or on visiting times. The only request we have is that visitors are considerate of the needs of the patient, and the other people using St John’s.
Well-behaved pets are welcome. Please discuss with the nurse in charge if you have a pet at home you would like to see.

Do visitors need to pay for parking?

No we have a car park, as well as several spaces near the entrance for disabled parking. This is provided free of charge. The car park sometimes becomes quite congested during busy periods so please try to car share where possible.

Does the hospice have WiFi?

Yes, and this is free to all visitors and patients. Just ask one of the staff when you arrive and they will give you the password to use WiFi at St John’s.

Can visitors stay overnight?

Yes, we have a selection of folding beds that visitors can use if they wish to stay overnight. These can be assembled in the bedroom of their loved one so that they can be near to them. There are also shower and toilet facilities for visitors to use.

Are refreshments available?

Tea and coffee making facilities are available to visitors in the upstairs servery, or downstairs in the coffee bar next to the conservatory. There is also a selection of sandwiches, snacks and drinks available at reception.

How much will it cost me to stay at St John’s Hospice as an inpatient?

The service we provide is free of charge to patients. The service is part funded by the NHS, but most of our running costs (about £500 per patient per day) are raised through fundraising. If you would like to support St John’s through fundraising, volunteering or simply by sharing your story about your experiences at St John’s, just ring us on 01767 642410, and we would be delighted to talk with you.