South Oxfordshire Palliative Care Hub

The Palliative Care Hub offers advice, support, care and co-ordination for people in the last year of life living in South Oxfordshire between 8am and 6pm, seven days a week.

Palliative care is the care and support given to people with life-limiting conditions like cancer, heart failure and lung disease.

It focuses on managing symptoms such as pain to give people the best quality of life over the weeks, months or years they are living with their condition.

What is the Palliative Care Hub?

The purpose of the Sue Ryder Palliative Care Hub is to provide more care for more people across South Oxfordshire. Through a single phone number, the Hub provides specialist advice and support to patients, families and healthcare professionals across South East Oxfordshire.

The Palliative Care Hub is supported by a team of specialist nurses and consultants, along with a Hospice at Home team who work with GPs, community nursing teams, and other palliative care providers to ensure the best possible care is provided in the right place.

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How does the Palliative Care Hub work?

When you call the Hub, you will speak directly to a Sue Ryder specialist palliative nurse, who will assess the nature of the call and recommend the most appropriate next steps. This could mean providing reassurance or advice over the phone, or in some cases this could mean arranging a face-to-face visit.

Where appropriate, patients will be referred to the Hospice at Home team, in which case a Sue Ryder registered nurse or nursing assistant will arrange one or more visits to the patient in their home.

Where patients need more urgent crisis support, the Hub team will arrange visits from the specialist palliative nurses or doctors.

Why are we launching the Palliative Care Hub?

We know that many people at the end of their life do not get the care they need in their place of their choice. For a large proportion of people, their preferred place of care is their home, but in many cases this cannot happen due to the lack of specialist care available.

Through the Palliative Care Hub, we aim to provide this specialist care, support and advice to more people across South Oxfordshire to enable them to be cared for at home, if that is their wish.

Who can use the Palliative Care Hub?

The Hub is open to anyone receiving palliative care in South East Oxfordshire and their carers or families.

GPs and other healthcare providers can also use the Hub to make referrals for patients or to ask for specialist palliative support or advice.

How do I contact the Hub?

The single point of contact number is 0330 053 6092. The Hub is now open from 8am until 6pm, seven days a week. We will be extending the Hub to a 24/7 service later in the year.

Access to medical information

In order to provide and co-ordinate this service, we need to access patients’ medical information. We will access medical information through the Oxfordshire Care Summary system.

We will need permission to access patient information. If we have not obtained permission in advance, we may ask for it when you call the helpline.

Who provides the service?

The Palliative Care Hub is provided by Sue Ryder in collaboration with local organisations from the health and social care sector, and the voluntary sector.

Call the Hub on: 0330 053 6092