Les Redshaw

"They’re not just there to stop the pain – they seem to understand what I’m going through"

Les talks about the care he’s received at Manorlands Hospice for prostate cancer
"It was all new to me when I came here but I can’t praise it enough - it’s fantastic. I couldn’t believe the people who work here and how dedicated they are. They can’t do enough for you, from the top to the bottom. If you have a choice it’s the place to be."

Les and his wife have four children between them who regularly visit. Talking about their visits, Les says: "They’re all caring and come to see me. They think the treatment I get here at Manorlands is wonderful. My wife’s able to see it for herself; she’s here from lunchtime till teatime and she can’t believe the attention the nurses and other staff give me."

Delivering the perfect balance of physical and emotional care

Coping with prostate cancer takes its toll mentally and nurses help recover from any setbacks, and for Les this was no exception: "I had a bit of a breakdown and the nurses took it in turns to sit with me through the night. You can’t buy the kind of care they give. They’re not just there to stop the pain – they seem to understand what I’m going through.

"Hospital care is on a different level to here; you’re on a ward with maybe three or four people, for two or three days and then you’re moved on. Here at Manorlands, they’re not going to let you go until they’re on top of your pain. It’s that personal touch of Manorlands, that’s what you can lack in hospital. The nurses and doctors don’t have the time; there’s not enough staff. It’s difficult for them."


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