Expert support whenever and wherever it is needed

Over the past two weeks you may have read stories in local and national media about end of life support, and seen our charity on TV talking about how we deal with bereavement as a nation and as individuals.

Emily, whose mother we cared for here at Leckhampton Court bravely spoke on BBC Breakfast News about her experience of bereavement and the care she and her family received from our hospice.

Grief and bereavement touches us all throughout our lives, but not everyone has access to the specialist care we provide our patients and their families. Care that goes a long way to support them during this most difficult time.

That’s why our new online community and support was created, with the backing of our partners Morrisons, to support more people going through bereavement no matter where they are in the country.

We know that when someone you care about is given a life-changing diagnosis, or is facing the end of their life, you can be left feeling that the support you need is beyond your reach. We also know that talking to other people going through the same experience can be invaluable, and sharing your experience can help others while helping yourself at the same time - our online community and support offers the opportunity to do all these things.

With expert Sue Ryder nurses on hand to offer advice, practical information - or even just a caring conversation with someone who understands, our online community also opens up our expert knowledge, help and support to people right across the UK.

It is the first service of its kind offering patients and their families advice and support on end of life care, and I feel very privileged to be one of the online experts available, using my 20 years’ worth of experience in end of life care to support people when they need it most.

You can join the online community and support and share your experience or ask for advice by visiting: