What our staff say

What our staff say

Quotes from some of our staff

"I have worked at Duchess of Kent Hospice for nine years now. It is a job that I love and feel so passionate about. People often ask me if it's sad all the time, but actually as a team we laugh a lot, and the patients' do too! I look forward to coming to work."

"Palliative Care is an amazing field to work in, definitely not despondent or disheartening as many seem to believe. At Duchess of Kent Hospice the care and compassion given to patients and their families is truly astounding. We provide a number of managements and therapies to patients with cancer and life limiting conditions using an holistic approach to support patients physical, emotional and psychological needs. At Duchess of Kent we empower patients to contribute to their care needs through effective teamwork with other health care professionals making an immense difference to their lives and that of their families."

"I have worked at Duchess of Kent Hospice for the past six years. In that time I have worked with the Clinical Nurse Specialist team, the Day Therapy team and the Inpatient Unit team. In each area I have seen holistic care, and that is why I enjoy working here. The staff not only work to take care of patients but they also take care of each other. At times it can be very emotionally draining but also very rewarding. Throughout all these times the staff support each other; whether that be laughing together or crying together.

I just can't put into words what it means when you get everything right for patients. It's more than rewarding."


"Throughout my nursing career I have never met a more dedicated and compassionate team than those I work with at Duchess of Kent Hospice. At the hospice we are able to give each patient and their families what they need when they need it most. The work we do is more than incredible and epitomises what nursing and care is really about. I have met the most amazing people who have taught me what it is to be human, how important each day of health is and mostly that love is the most enduring emotion of all."