Doreen Lidster

"The staff really are quite wonderful"

Doreen speaks warmly about the care she receives from Sue Ryder

30 years ago, come rain or shine Doreen Lister would set up a stall with her late husband Jim, selling second hand goods to raise money for Sue Ryder. After being diagnosed with a life-limiting illness Doreen came to attended our day therapy service, benefitting from the care her fundraising had helped provide.

Incredible care from amazing staff

"I live alone, and a close friend told me not to say ‘no’ to any help as I didn’t know what I would need – and I’m very glad I didn’t as I enjoy my days with Sue Ryder. They pick me up at 9.30am and I’m dropped off home at 3pm. The doctors, nurses, physiotherapist, art therapist and volunteers are all in one place, which is very convenient. Blood tests can be taken and blood pressure monitored without having to make separate appointments to see GPs or hospital doctors. Sue Ryder really does make it easy to be looked after on these days.“On my first day with Sue Ryder I was assessed by the physiotherapist and ten minutes later she had equipped me with a TENS pain relief machine, which is amazing. On some days I’m almost pain free. And when I worried about being breathless all of a sudden, they told me what to do and then checked on me regularly by phone until the problem went away.

Holistic, personalised care

“In addition to having my symptoms assessed and managed by the medical team, I also have the opportunity to join creative arts sessions making decorative memory boxes or Easter bonnets. I’m not very arty though, so I concentrate on the garden and the plants or talk to the volunteers who are so kind. As well as all this, I get a lovely, piping hot meal, with an aperitif, followed by tea and cake in the afternoon. There’s always something to try – I can’t wait for the hand massage but I’ll draw the line at yoga. With my back, standing on one leg might not be a good idea!

“The message that I would like to get across to other people in my situation is that help is available if you don’t say ‘no’. Keep your mind open and try it! The Sue Ryder staff really are quite wonderful and the care they provide couldn’t be better.”

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