Barry's story

"It helped to know I was not alone in my grief."

Barry Ward, now a widower following the tragic death of his wife two years ago, finds writing – and sharing his words with others through our online community – has helped him cope with his grief.

Barry and Christine married in Sydney on 21st July 1973 before settling in Oakham, Rutland, in the East Midlands. They enjoyed a happy 44-year marriage during which they had two sons, Dominic and Jonathan, who are now both in their thirties.

He and Christine shared many interests, including cooking, gardening and the theatre, but it was their love of travel that they enjoyed the most.

Barry is a veteran journalist, now retired, and an author, but for many years he was a travel writer and Christine often accompanied him on his working trips around the world.

Tragically, Christine died from the after-effects of chemotherapy on 18th January 2015. When asked how this affected him and his family, Barry sums it up in one word: "Traumatically."

Advice, companionship and writing therapy

Barry found our Sue Ryder online community and support while he was researching 'grief' online.

Using the online support has helped him in various ways, principally for the inherent advice, but also as a platform for his writing. He discovered it was a vital form of therapy which, he hopes, will help others suffering following bereavement.

How has the site helped him? "By the general and, I'm sure, common feeling that I was not alone in my grief," Barry says.

"If you are thinking about using this site – don’t hesitate."

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