"Thorpe Hall staff became like family to us"

Loving husband and father Terry died of cancer at Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall Hospice. During the last year of Terry’s life, he received inpatient care within the hospice, and his wife Julie and her daughter Amy were emotionally supported by Thorpe Hall’s family and bereavement support team.

After Terry’s death, Julie and Amy received dedicated counselling at home, giving them the essential support they needed to process their loss. Maintaining a link with the place Terry spent the last months of his life gave the family the chance to say goodbye at their own pace and build lasting memories.

"A safe place to be"

Julie found Thorpe Hall a "a safe place to be", the staff becoming a support network for her and her daughter that would become "like family".

Julie and her daughter are new fundraising to support the hospice’s work.

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