"The hospice was an amazing place full of astonishingly kind people"

Claire was just 29 years old when she passed away from bowel cancer, after being cared for by Sue Ryder.

A first-time mother with a young son, her illness came as a shock to all who loved her, including her brother, Mark, who was by her bedside when she died.

"Her fight against her awful disease was inspiring," says Mark. "She never gave up hope and fought 'til the very end."

At the hospice, he recalls, Claire received incredible care and support.

"The Sue Ryder Hospice was an amazing place full of astonishingly kind people; the staff couldn't do enough for the patients," Mark says. "Making sure that Claire was comfortable was their top priority and they did everything they could to help."

A peaceful end of life

Claire was supported by her loved ones right until the end.

"Her wonderful friends and immediate family never allowed her to be alone in the last six difficult weeks away from home," says Mark. "I felt so privileged to be with her and my mum at the end of her life.

"It was a very spiritual feeling to open the shutters of her windows, see the beautiful garden outside and hear the birds singing at dawn in her final moments," he adds. "As peaceful, beautiful and graceful as she was in life, she was in passing."

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