Precious extra time with Dad and Grandad

Diagnosed with mesothelioma, Andrea’s father Terry underwent major surgery to save his life, and whilst it was successful, soon after the surgery Terry slipped into depression.

Facing the reality of losing her father once again, Andrea sought help from Thorpe Hall Hospice.

Moving to Thorpe Hall for a short stay saw Terry gain a new lease of life; the positive environment and dignified treatment he received from staff raised his spirits and gave his family back the father and grandfather they thought they had lost.

Lasting memories to cherish

"Thorpe Hall is wonderful," says Andrea, looking back on her experience of Sue Ryder's care. "Whether you’re a patient, in for respite or a family member whose loved one is being cared for, you are not going to get a better quality of care.”

Andrea and her family, particularly daughter Holly, are so happy that they got to spend an extra year with Terry, during which they made lasting memories they can now look back on and cherish.

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