"The staff made everything less stressful for the whole family"

One January day, Alan and Ellie’s life was turned upside down.

Ellie was admitted to hospital with suspected kidney stones, but four hours later they were told Ellie had two primary cancers – lung and kidney cancer – and, within just seven weeks, Ellie had major surgery to remove her kidney and left lung.

The next year was spent in and out of hospital for various treatments. After this first year, scans showed the lung cancer had spread and Ellie was diagnosed as terminal with only months to live.

But Ellie made the decision that she did not want to go back into hospital and so, when her infection returned a few months later, her local doctors contacted Manorlands Hospice.

"Ellie had a brilliant experience at Manorlands," recalls her husband Alan. "She said the doctors and staff motivated her to fight the infection until it cleared up two weeks later."

Supporting Ellie to stay at home

Manorlands were able to provide the support Ellie needed to receive care at home as per her wishes.

The Community Nurse Specialist, Joanna, worked with Ellie to develop a care plan that would meet her needs at home, and her Occupational Therapist visited to assess her living set-up. She was able to provide the bathing and walking aids Ellie required to stay independent at home, and she also arranged for her to have therapy sessions at the hospice.

The most important thing to Ellie was that, when the time came, she would not die in a hospital but at home or in the hospice. Joanna was able to give Ellie the assurance that her wishes would be carried out. 

"The best of care and support"

Over a year later, Ellie was admitted to Manorlands Hospice and passed away, pain-free and with dignity.

"I would like to thank all the staff for providing the best of care and support for the whole family, even after Ellie had passed away," says Alan. "Thank you for the help and advice from doctors and staff, social workers and Joanna, who stayed with the family throughout Ellie’s passing.

"You were all so valuable, and made everything less stressful and more acceptable for Ellie and the whole family," he concludes.

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