A mum at one of our neurological centres was very ill, but desperate to attend her son’s wedding.

What's more, it was being held 300 miles away in Devon, so the challenges were huge.

However, every hurdle was overcome by the staff team at the care centre, who persevered for six months until every detail was in place.

A suitable nursing home in the area was found and arrangements made for the mum to stay there overnight.

A private ambulance was booked, and a bed and breakfast was found for the two neuro centre staff who would need to accompany her.

They talked to the vicar and made sure the seating at the church was organised to accommodate her wheelchair. And they even went shopping for a dress and matching hat.

It was a beautiful wedding and the mum had a lovely time - made even lovelier by her son’s happiness that she could be there to see him walk down the aisle.

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