A man arrived at one of our care centres who found it very difficult to communicate with others due to his Huntington's disease.

Huntington’s affects movement, including speech. He had gotten out of the habit of communicating, having spent so much time on his own.

However, the people who work in our recreational team discovered that, in the past, this man had been a keen fisherman. So they borrowed a fishing rod and flies for him, and took him to a fish farm close by.

And what a day he had.

He spent hours at the fish farm putting the flies on the hook and then trying to cast the line. He didn’t mind that he didn’t catch any fish; for him the day was full of enjoyment – even hilarity – when the driver took a wrong turning into a farmer’s field!

He spoke about the experience long after the event.

When his condition deteriorated to the point where he could no longer go fishing, we helped him get Sky TV installed in his room to watch the fishing channel.

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