Our international work

What we do

In Malawi and Albania we provide incredible care for people with life-changing conditions.

Whether it’s bringing comfort to someone’s final days, or enabling them to make the most of their lives, we provide free healthcare to those in desperate need. 

Why do we work internationally?

Access to healthcare in Malawi and Albania is limited, and if you are poor, the chances of getting the medical care you need are near impossible. We focus our work on conditions that are largely neglected and on reaching people living in poverty who simply can't get the help they need.

Sue Ryder in Albania

In Albania, we are the leading provider of end-of-life care for terminally ill cancer patients. We ensure that their final moments are comfortable and dignified.

Our work in Albania

Sue Ryder in Malawi

In Malawi, we provide mobile health clinics in rural communities where there are no other healthcare services available.  At our rehabilitation centre in Balaka we provide physiotherapy equipment and advice through a community outreach programme.

We also run a child sponsorship initiative for children with epilepsy, asthma, and physical disabilities.

Our work in Malawi

Every year, because of your support, we provide thousands of people with vital healthcare they would not otherwise receive.

Please help us continue to provide incredible care by supporting us today.

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